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Small business administration can be time consuming and stressful for your business. Jess Business Solutions can manage these recurring administration tasks and streamline the process, which means more productive time for you to achieve your business goals.

  • Client enquires

  • Calendar coordination

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Travel coordination 

  • CRM updating and support

  • Document preparation 

  • Bulk mail outs

  • Research

  • Client communication (emails and phone calls)

  • Reporting

  • Cloud filing support and maintenance 

  • Client on-boarding

  • Data entry



Service 2 Personal Concierge.jpg

Does everyday life leave you time poor for achieving your goals? You can outsource any aspect of your life to Jess Business Solutions, freeing up your time to concentrate on the things you want.

  • Book medical appointments

  • Arrange car servicing and maintenance

  • Coordinate household support

  • Book hair appointments

  • Arrange travel

  • Research and book family holidays

  • Purchasing gifts

  • Online ordering

  • Coordinate private events and functions

  • Arrange vet appointments

  • Arrange pet accommodation


HR and recruitment services

Services 3 HR and Recruitment Services.jpg

Attracting the right employee for your business can depend on how you advertise the position and recruit them. It is a time consuming process to find an employee that fits your business both on paper and in person. Jess Business Solutions is here to ensure that your business recruits robust and suitable employees for you. Through streamlining the recruitment process, you will have more time to concentrate on what you want.

  • Placing job advertisements

  • Candidate screening

  • Interview scheduling

  • Reference checking

  • Email and telephone communication

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